Sanwa Shurui Co., Ltd., in recognition of the importance of protecting personal information, adheres to the laws and regulations regarding personal information, and manages and protects the personal information of its customers in accordance with the policies described below. Sanwa Shurui Co., Ltd. (in the following, Sanwa Shurui) considers its privacy policy to consist of the policies described in this Privacy Policy Statement and the Personal Information Protection Act.
1. Information collection
Sanwa Shurui may on the following occasions collect personal information of customers.
- When customers participate in promotional campaigns, prize competitions, and events.
- When Sanwa Shurui distributes samples.
- When customers participate in questionnaire surveys.
- When Sanwa Shurui receives orders from customers.
- When Sanwa Shurui receives enquiries from customers.
- When customers register on mailing lists of Sanwa Shurui.
- On other occasions when Sanwa Shurui obtains personal information related to the above.
When collecting personal information of customers, Sanwa Shurui restricts the purpose of collection and uses lawful and fair methods.
Sanwa Shurui will not collect personal information outside the range required for meeting the objectives of collection.
2. Management and protection of personal information
For the management of customers's personal information, Sanwa Shurui installs responsible administration staff, exercises appropriate administration, and undertakes to prevent accidental disclosure, data leakage, tampering, loss, and destruction of personal information. Moreover, in order to prevent unauthorized external access, Sanwa Shurui implements safety measures at appropriate and reasonable levels and endeavors to protect the personal information of customers.
3. Use of personal information
Sanwa Shurui uses collected personal information of customers only for the following purposes, with due regard for customers' rights and interests.
- For delivering ordered information and products to customers.
- For sending information on services, events, and products electronically or by post.
- For delivering prizes related to customers' participation in promotional campaigns and events.
- For delivering prizes and rewards to customers for responding to questionnaire surveys.
- For answering customer inquiries.
- For other occasion that may for some reason require contacting customers.
- For use as statistical data for marketing and product development purposes.
4. Provision of personal information to third parties

Sanwa Shurui will not without customer consent disclose or supply personal information to third parties outside of external service providers.
However, Sanwa Shurui may disclose or supply personal information in the following cases:
(1) When the customer has consented.
(2) When disclosure is required by law.
(3) When disclosure is required by a public institution including courts and law enforcement.

5. Access, amendment, suspension of use, and deletion of personal information
If customers request of Sanwa Shurui to be notified of the purpose of use of their personal information, or request disclosure of the personal information retained, or amendment, suspension of use, or deletion thereof, Sanwa Shurui will within reasonable scope accommodate such requests as circumstances require once the identity of the inquiring party has been verified by Sanwa Shurui to be that of the customer. Sanwa Shurui may deny disclosure of the personal information retained, however, if the life, body, property, or other rights and interests of other customers would otherwise be at risk; or if in the judgment of Sanwa Shurui interference with the operations of Sanwa Shurui would result; or if disclosure would infringe on other laws.
6. Cookies and access log

The website of Sanwa Shurui uses cookies, which store information and access histories of customers who access the site. While cookies are one way for the site server to identify customers, Sanwa Shurui uses cookies not for storing personal information of customers. Customers can choose the settings for the use of cookies on their browser programs, but will not be able to make purchases through the site if the use of cookies is disabled. Disabling the use of cookies may also entail restrictions on other services and interfere with the normal use of the site.
Access information (such as IP address, browser program, reverse look-up, transmission time, etc.) of customers using the website of Sanwa Shurui is stored in an access log on the site server. These records are used only for website maintenance and administration, and statistics and analysis of site usage.

7. Company internal framework
Sanwa Shurui has on the basis of this Privacy Policy Statement enacted company internal rules for the protection of personal information of customers, defined clear policies concerning the handling of personal information by corporate officers and employees of Sanwa Shurui, and in this way undertakes to protect the personal information of customers.
8. Privacy policy enhancement
Sanwa Shurui may revise this Privacy Policy Statement in order to protect the personal information of customers. After the revision, the new policy will be published on this page and implemented. Customers will not be individually notified of revisions and are advised to visit this page from time to time for updates.
9. Contact information
Customers who with regard to their personal information have questions or seek disclosure, etc., may please contact us at the "Contact Us" address at the end of this page.
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